What is Olaplex?


Modern styling formulations are bringing about awesome haircare products like Olaplex. What is Olaplex you ask? It is a product that repairs hair that is broken, returning it to a pure state every time you use it. Olaplex’s results are permanent until the hair bonds break again. When we subject our hair to high levels of heat by straightening or curling it, then the bonds break. This damages your hair.

Shearology | Olaplex

A Three-Part System

Olaplex number one is a bond multiplier, a product that is a water solution formulated to repair hair that’s been damaged. The product also works to protect hair since stylists can add it to dye solutions when coloring your hair. Olaplex number two is a post-coloring treatment, one that contains all kinds of conditioning agents. Olaplex number three features the least amount of active ingredients. It is designed to go above and beyond in conditioning your hair.

How to Use Olaplex Number Three

The best way to use Olaplex number three is to apply a generous amount to your hair when it’s clean and damp. Then, distribute the product through your hair by combing it in. Let Olaplex sit on your hair for at least 10 minutes. If you can let it stay there longer, then that’s even better. Once you’ve let the product penetrate your hair follicles, shampoo and condition it as you normally would. While Olaplex works best as a three-part system, your hair will still become healthier if you only use number three.

The Best Thing About Using Olaplex Number Three

The best thing about using Olaplex number three is that if you’re lacking time, then you can apply it and go about your everyday life whether that involves running errands or taking a workout class. Just wash number three out when you’re done.

A Quick Styling Aid

Along with Olaplex number three making your hair healthier, you can also use it as a quick styling aid. Apply the conditioning product to tame those annoying fly-aways when you’re styling your hair. The product is versatile and customizable. It’s also the only hair treatment product on the market that rebuilds your hair’s broken disulfide bonds. Regardless of how you use Olaplex, healthy hair will be yours as long as you use it.  

Shearology | Olaplex

At Shearology, we’ve embraced the Olaplex formula. We’ve seen its benefits for ourselves and want to share them with you. You can purchase Olaplex from our salon. Contact us or come in for more information.


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