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Halloween is a time when we get to be spooky creatures or beautiful maidens. We can transition into a superhero or become a blood sucking vampire. Turning into someone, or something, else requires the right costuming. It also means that it’s time to break out the makeup brush and the creativity. A few Halloween makeup tips will help you get it right.

Halloween Makeup Tips | Shearology

Making Fake Blood

When it comes to Halloween makeup, fake blood is practically a necessity. Our Halloween makeup tips include shaving off a smidge of red lipstick. Then, adding in some creamy black eyeliner. To complete your fake blood concoction, finish it up with a squirt of clear lip gloss. If it’s not bright enough, add a bit more lipstick. For a dried blood look, add more eyeliner into the mix.

Forming Manly Stubble

One of the most fun Halloween transitions is the male-to-female or female-to-male transformation. The biggest challenge when completing a guy-to-gal swap has got to be the facial hair. When your fake beard looks like it’s been painted on, this definitely ruins the effect. To get it right, use a mascara wand and apply a long wear product using a stippling action. Two separate colors will make it look more like a natural five o’clock shadow.


Realistic Freckles

Freckles are trending right now. In fact, they’ve become so popular that people are actually tattooing them on their faces. Our Halloween makeup tips include ways to create realistic freckles. To form them, use a brown eyebrow or lip pencil, one that is formulated for extended wear. Make them look more natural by adding big and small freckles. This will prevent them from looking cartoonish.

3D Wounds

You can use makeup to create 3D wounds like cut eyebrows, busted lips and broken noses. To make your own, get a nontoxic glue stick. Cut off a piece of the glue using a butter knife and place it over the body part where you want the wound to appear. Form the glue into the shape that you want and allow it to air-dry. Cover it with translucent powder and apply foundation. Mix together red and purple eye shadow to give the wound a bruised look. Then, fill it in with black eyeliner. Blend together some fake blood and dab it over wound.


Halloween Makeup Tips to Complete Your Costume

Use one or more of these Halloween makeup tips to complete your costume. When you go the extra mile, it pays off. Whether you need a little fake blood, facial hair, freckles or an open wound for your costume, you can make it happen with the right makeup.


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