Immediately after your microblading procedure you might notice that your brows look darker than what you expect.  This is normal. The true color of your brows will heal lighter than the color applied. The first day after your procedure your skin will emit a yellow liquid, this is lymph, your body’s natural healing fluids.  


Please follow these aftercare instructions as closely as you are able.  Your brows will thank you for it! 


DAY 1 


  • Before bed on the day of the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly before gently washing your brows with unscented antibacterial soap, pat dry with a clean, lint free paper towel, and apply the healing ointment provided to you.  
  • Sleep on a clean pillowcase, or clean towel, keeping in mind that you might stain your pillowcase/towel with the ointment or any residual lymph.  


DAY 2-14 


  • Wash Hands Thoroughly 
  • Apply a thin layer of healing ointment provided to the treated area. 
  • Keep the fringe of your hair away from treated area to avoid infection. 
  • Before bed, wash your hands thoroughly, then apply healing ointment to the treated area. 


After the 7th DAY you can reduce your use of ointment to fit your specific needs.  However, if the treated area begins to feel “itchy” or starts to flake, while a normal part of the healing process, it can indicate that the skin is too dry, and more ointment is needed.  Continue to lightly apply the healing ointment as needed, making sure not to over-apply.  (Over application can cause suffocation of the skin and delayed healing.)  Do not scratch or pick at the healing area as this will cause incorrect healing. Scabbing is a completely natural process and must be cared for. When scabbing occurs after the 7th day of healing, you may apply an unscented lotion to the treated area.  This will minimize the itch, and aid in the healing process.  




  • Avoid getting your brows wet after the first cleansing of the treated area.  When washing your face, clean around your brow area.  
  • Avoid sun exposure / tanning as this will cause your brows to fade. 
  • Avoid touching your brows with unclean hands as this can cause infection.  
  • Avoid scratching and picking at your brows as this will affect the healing process.  


You should plan to book your touchup appointment for 6-8 weeks after your initial procedure.  This “perfecting appointment” allows us to adjust the color (if needed), fill in any spots that may not have taken, or simply “tweak” your brows to perfection. Remember, the touchup appointment is included in your purchase price, and should be done to ensure that your brows look their very best!